Water - types & service


Water may be a clear liquid that forms the worlds streams, lakes, oceans & rain, and it's a significant constituent of the fluids of organisms. Pure water has no smell, style or color.

Types of water:-

  1. Sparkling water /soda water/carbonated water:well known as soda. Its made off when CO2 gas is injected in simple water with the pressure.
    Types of water
  2. Distilled water:its made by process of distillation to remove the mineral from the ordinary water.
  3. Filtered water:also known as a drinking water/tap water. It is gernally filtered or procced in RO.
    Types of water
  4. Mineral water :it is a still water that comes from earth which contains some minerals like aluminium, potassium, fluoride, iron, iodine. (500ml gms) mineral per litre.
    Types of water
  5. Club soda/seltzer water:seltzer water comes from when ordinary water has been artificial carbonated.
    Types of water
  6. Spring water:This is a term used to indicate waters from a deep underground source that flows naturally to the surface. 
    Types of water

    Types of water

Service of water:-

    Mineral and spring water is generally served chilled. You cannot served it with ice. Because the ice cube is generally made from tap water, which can deflact the taste of spring/mineral water. The serving quality of water is 10 to 12 ounce per person. 

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