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Marination is that process of soaking foods during a seasoned, typically acidic and / or liquid before cooking.
The 'marinade' will be acidic with ingredients like vinegar, juice, or wine, or savory with soy sauce, brine or different prepared sauces.
Along with these liquids, a marinade typically contains oils, herbs, and spices to any flavor the food things.
It is normally used to flavor foods and to tenderize harder cuts of meat or tougher vegetables like beetroot, eggplant and courgette.
The process may last seconds or days. Different marinades are used in different cuisines.
In Indian cooking the marinade is typically ready with yogurt and spices.

From Fnbknowledge définition of Marination :
 Marination is understand by putting  meat or fish in  acidic ingredients or sauce for a set period of time to add flavor in them or to make them  more tender.

Difference between Marinade and Marinate 

Marinade: Marinade is term used for acidic ingredient or sauces in marination process.

Marinate: Marinate means to soak the food in the Marinade(sauce or vinegar, lemon juice etc.). 

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